Inspecting Verification

Safe Equipment Means Less Costs and More Productivity

Inspecting Verification

IPC provides on-site technical inspections of port equipment to meet the operational needs of each terminal operator or shipyard, in accordance with the original manuals of the individual manufacturers.

As per current accident prevention regulations, periodic checks of the lifting appliances by an expert technician are required to assure the highest standards of quality and safety defined by ISO 9927-1, ISO 9927-3 and ISO 12482.

In particular, I.P.C performs the periodic quarterly and annual inspections required to obtain the IS 9927-1 certification. Namely:

  • Load tests
  • Non-destructive Testing (PT / UT / MT)
  • Certification practices
  • Structural calculation checks
  • Calculations and INAIL/ASL practices
  • Revamping and refurbishing of lifting equipment
  • Application advice of the machinery directive 2006/42 CE

The benefits of a regular equipment inspection:

  • Extension of the equipment life and increase of its reliability
  • Improvement of safety
  • Improvement and optimization of productivity
  • Cut of maintenance costs
  • Achievement of regulatory compliance and best industry practices
  • Increase of the bottom line on projects