Lifting to the Highest Standards

Design Review

We provide design and engineering consultancy for custom cranes

The design of a new custom crane requires the highest attention to details to ensure the success of the whole operation. IPC offers a specialized technical support in terms of procurement, specification, design review, manufacturing review, sea fastening, accident investigation and repairs, modification and rehabilitation.

We make sure that the design and drawing reviews are in accordance with the technical specifications, safety requirements and international standards, such as DIN, FEM, ISO, IEC or equivalent, etc. Moreover, we offer a professional engineering consultancy to provide our clients with state-of-the-art designs and technical assistance throughout the whole project.


We provide crane procurement assistance to port authorities, shipping lines and terminal operators

IPC is the Consultancy Service for the Purchase of Container Handling Equipment and Bulk Equipment. To help our clients improve capacity and productivity, we offer a specialized procurement and contract negotiation assistance to port authorities, shipping lines and terminal operators.

Our services are bid evaluation, design review, quality assurance audits and fabrication. IPC specifications include provisions for structural, mechanical and electrical policies, as well as control, automation, reliability, manufacturing, testing and documentation.


We provide recommendations for maintenance, upgrading and purchase

Assessing crane equipment and offering advice on any structural maintenance, upgrading or purchase – these are the services which enable us to help our clients find the best solutions to develop their projects. IPC services also include life assessment, reliability studies, general conditions surveys, inspection programs and repair procedures.

To reach our goals in terms of productivity and capacity improvement, we design upgrading for Ship to Shore cranes, in order to lift their height, extend their outreach or back reach, increase their capacity and change the rail gage.


We provide technical services to relocate STS, RTG and RMG in total security

Thanks to the cooperation with highly equipped international firms such as Heavy Lift Cargo, IPC provides fundamental services for the relocation of STS, RTG and RMG, using self-propelled and self-jacking multi-wheel trailers (SPMT). In order to design the best sea fastening solutions and grillage, our engineering team uses crane behavior sea transportation simulations.

After Sales

We provide 24/7 technical support

Results come when you can rely on the best equipment and a professional technical support. IPC is proud to be not a mere supplier, but a partner to its customers, by providing a reliable and qualified technical assistance 24/7. We cover any after sales necessity, from the supply of spare parts, to the execution of maintenance programs in accordance with the manufacturers’ manuals.

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