LSCT project for Contship Italia Group

The project consists of the supply of two latest generation Ship to Shore cranes for Contship Italia Group, in collaboration with the Italian company Officine Meccaniche Galileo and Liftech Consultants USA. The cranes are currently in operation at LSCT, the most efficient container terminal in the Mediterranean.

The cranes, with an entirely tailor-made design, weigh 20% less than cranes of similar dimensions (18 meters span) and provide an hourly performance of approx. 106 movements per hour, thus guaranteeing a gross ship productivity of 77.30 movements per hour.

Technical Data

Terminal Container
LSCT per Contship Italia Group
60 t. (under spreader)
18 m
62.3 m
Estimated Weight
1.300 t.
Structural Type
Double Girder
Designed by
OMG Italy & HHMC China