Goliath Crane project for Fincantieri Group

IPC played a central role in the Goliath Crane project for Fincantieri Group, a leading commercial and military shipbuilding company with more than 7 shipyards located in various parts of the world from Italy to the USA. The company carried out the project in collaboration with HHMC China.

The IPC team provided technical site and safety management with its own personnel, as well as coordination of the sub-contractors present on site as supervisors.

The metal structure of the Goliath Crane, currently considered to be the gantry crane with a capacity of 800 t. and a span unequalled anywhere in the world, was built in HHMC’s Qingdao plant in a record time of 10 months. Subsequently, the main components were shipped to Fincantieri Marghera dock with arrival after 30 days of sea transport. The collaboration with the Fagioli Group proved to be a winning choice, both for the significant experience in managing this type of project and for the strong managerial ability.

Technical Data

Shipyard Customer
Fincantieri Marghera of Fincantieri Group
800 t.
162.5 m
Estimated Weight
4.000 t.
Structural Type
Double Girder
Designed by
HHMC China